Wednesday, February 22, 2023

Episode 11: Gamers Rise Up, or: The Curious Case of the Hotdog Whalemeat

The Moogle Boys have another special guest - this time, all the way from Italy (and definitely not on wireless earpods or anything)!!! There's pizza, there's amore, there's talks of hotdog salesmen... All in this exciting new episode!!!!!

Random Picks:
Golden Sun (GBA) - Troubled Waters - Motoi Sakuraba
Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep (PSP) -  Dessert x Paradise - Yoko Shimomura
Okami (PS2) -  Tsuzurao's Theme (From the "Okami Henkyokushuu Vol.2 Jazz" CD) - Zac Zinger
Dragon Ball Z Budokai 2 (Gamecube) - Battle Theme #10 (Fortitude - Indomitable Spirit) - Kenji Yamamoto
Tony's Picks:
Cookie's Bustle (PC) - Good Ending Song (Determination) - Kouhei Okamura, Masashi Matsumoto, Katsuhiko Nakamichi
Zach's Picks:
Armored Core Nexus (Ps2) - High Sign - Kota Hoshino
Brandon's Picks:
Spyro (PS1) - Dark Hollow - Stewart Copeland
WarioWare Touched (DS) - Ashleys Song

Some information on Cookie's Bustle: