Monday, January 28, 2019

Episode 3: The Second Coming: The Sequel

In this episode we go though some more random songs and then some we picked out. Remember kids, never trust your music applications.
Tracklist for the Episode (Game - Track Title - Composer):
Final Fantasy XIV - March of the Moogle 
Kirby's Adventure - Rainbow Resort (This was the Klonoa song)
World of Final Fantasy - Prismelody: Eternal Wind (We thought this was Giza!)
Yoshi's Woolly World - Bunson the Hot Dog
Jotei Senki LV3: The Queen of Fighter - Masayuki Musou
Paper Mario - Tubba Blubba's Castle

Nier: Replicant -  City of Commerce - Keiichi Okabe
Popolocrois - Tanekin Village - Yoshiyuki Sahashi
Bomberman 64: Second Attack - Horizon 1 - Yasunori Mitsuda
Namachuukei 68 - Game Over - Yuji Takenouchi
Medarot 4 Kabuto Version - Do or Die - Kinuyo Yamashita

Sonic Spinball - Toxic Caves - Howard Drossen
Vib Ribbon - Roll Along - Laugh & Piece
Yoshi Topsy-Turvy - Tale of the Spirit of Cuteness - Tatsuyuki Maeda, Masaru Setsumaru, & Mariko Nanba
Soukaigi - Strange Promise - Hiroki Kikuta
Deathsmiles - The Witch of the Bottomless Swamp - Yoshimi Kudo

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