Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Episode 4: Roll Up Your Loved Ones!

Roll up your dad and other love ones in this episode as we go over the eccentric music of the Katamari Damacy series.
Tony's Picks:
We Love Katamari - Tsuyogari Katamari (Bluffing Damacy) 
We Love Katamari - Katamaritaino (Roll Me In) 
We Love Katamari - Blue Orb 
Katamari Damacy - The Moon and the Prince 
Katamari Forever - Cosmic Message 
Beautiful Katamari- Harvest of Love 

Zach's Picks:
Katamari Damacy - Cherry Blossom Color Season 
Katamari Damacy - Que Sera Sera 
We Love Katamari - DISCO PRINCE 
We Love Katamari - Angel’s Rain 
We Love Katamari - Scorching Savanna 
We Love Katamari - Houston 

Lonely Rolling Star

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